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GrantGives is a parent-led Board that raises funds for kids at Grant High School involved in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports teams, and other activities that don't receive regular PPS funding. These are some of the events we've organized recently to engage the community and help fund these extracurricular activities - and have a great time while doing it!

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We fill the funding gaps so kids can do what they love.

ALL kids at Grant deserve a chance to feel involved and part of something.


 Fundraising events are the backbone of GrantGives. Without the monetary support our events bring in, we lose the ability to give back to student programs. As GrantGives maneuvers its way through the ups and downs of raising money, we find ourselves seeking out new ideas and opportunities. We share these challenges with you, the Grant parent community, and ask that you help us keep the fire burning for kids at Grant who love clubs, sports teams, and extracurriculars.


We will continue to work hard to raise funding, because even if we can't hold a fundraiser now, the funding requests don't stop coming in!


If you can't attend an event and want to support us, we are always accepting parent involvement and donations at, AND we are always running the Grant Concessions Stand, where students can work to raise money for their club or program. 


Thank you to our past and current donors, supporters, and volunteers. With your help there will always be GrantGives - and we will always support kids at Grant! GO GENERALS!!

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